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Who is this guy anyway?

Fair question.

Hi, I'm Daniel Milner!  

I'm a husband to a talented wife Nikkie (founder of milnermade.com) and father of two kiddos.  All three of them are all just about the best thing ever.  

As for me, I've spent my entire career in Information Technology helping non-technical people to make their jobs easier and better through technology.  I've also served as (pro bono) tech support for friends and family for years and love getting to help people use gadgets and technology to make their daily routines easier in ways they may not even know are possible.

Whether you don't know the difference between broadband and WiFi or if you're counting the days until the next iPhone release, everyone can benefit from making technology work for you.

If you have a nagging technology question, drop me a line on our facebook page and I'd love to help you too.  It's usually not too hard to find a solution, but finding the solution that's easy is where it gets fun.