Why Easier IS Better

You've probably heard the saying "easier isn't always better" at least once in your life.  A lot of times this is true...Earning vs. Stealing.  Learning vs. Cheating.  Being loyal vs. being unreliable.  You get the picture.

When it comes to technology though, easier IS better (for most of us anyway.)  Some gadgets and apps will let you tinker and adjust every setting to your heart's content to make their product work exactly how you want them to work.  That's all great when (or if) it works, or more importantly if you have the time for that.  

While there was a time in my life as an IT professional that I wanted to be able to tinker and control every aspect of how my technology worked, those days are long gone.  As a father of two kids under the age of 5, I barely have time to use my gadgets, much less spend a lot of time in a "settings" screen.  I don't want to have to tell technology how I want to use it, I want easy technology that already knows how I want to use it.




Making technology easy means spending less time tinkering with technology and more time using it.

Every minute I spend setting up and configuring technology is time that I don't get to spend using it. More importantly, it's also time that I don't get to spend with my wife and kids, working, or doing other things that actually matter to me.  

Easy is Hard to Come by

At the risk of stating the obvious, finding technology that is easy and intuitive is not all that easy.  Let's say you want to get in shape for the beach this summer and search the app store for "workout app."  You'll be greeted with hundreds of apps across pages and pages of results that all look...pretty good.  How do you know which one would work best for you?  

You might try searching google for "best workout app" but then you're going to find lots of spammy sites just trying to show you ads vs. telling you anything worthwhile.  Maybe you'll get lucky and find an article on the best workout apps, but it may be 2-3 years old and the apps that used to be the best are now outdated and abandoned by their developers.  

If you're lucky though, you have a friend who also happens to be into exercising that can help you.  They wouldn't give you a review of every app out there and make you decide, they would just give you their favorites or even better, would let you know which app he or she is using right now.  

Knowing what's truly easy takes time, understanding, and experience.   



The hard part isn't finding an app or gadget to solve your problem, it's finding the apps or gadgets that are actually good.

Easy technology saves you time without sacrificing quality.  I'd much rather have a friend that I trust tell me "this is the app you need" vs. wading through search results and reviews on my own.  If you can identify with your time being valuable to you (and who can't), saving time on finding technology that's truly easy is extremely valuable.

Let's Make it Easy

Technology is in a constant state of change and what is cutting edge today is outdated tomorrow.  The good news is that while there are more gadgets and apps available than ever before, we also have more great choices than ever before.  That's exactly why I created this site - to share the hours of research and years of using technology so that you can skip ahead to using and enjoying technology that is truly easy.

There are easy technology solutions for just about every single problem you can think of, and in our next article, I can't wait to share my top 5 favorite easy technologies with you.

If you have any type of technology or gadget that you wish could just be easy, leave us a comment below or stop by our facebook group and I'd love to chat more with you about it.